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Our History

Eads Distribution is a family of companies that have become the Go-To solutions supplier for businesses across the country.

Our mission of being an indispensable partner for all of our customer’s process equipment within a defined scope of supply began when we opened our doors in 1953. The company’s founder, Ralph Eads, a decorated World War II veteran and entrepreneurial engineer, based the business on the premise that “…to earn our money, and build great relationships, we must always strive to add value for both our customers and suppliers!” Today, we still fiercely adhere to the guiding principles of our founder and use them to guide our customer & supplier relationships — some of which are as old as the company is itself and twice as strong.

Eads Distribution was the first of nine companies created by the vision of Ralph Eads. In 1985 Eads Distribution opened its first branch office outside of Houston. By 2012, Eads was serving customers and suppliers from eight locations (Houston, Freeport, Corpus Christi, Texas City, Beaumont, Dallas, Longview, and Odessa) in Texas. Along the way, five independent businesses elected to merge their organizations with ours, expanding the number of suppliers and employees available to earn a position of trust with Eads’ customers.

June of 2012 found the employee-owners of Eads Distribution welcoming a financial sponsor, The CapStreet Group, as an additional owner in order to help the business grow beyond Texas. After much work was done to enable Eads Distribution to support additional customers and suppliers, Jatasco (Tulsa) elected to join the team in 2014. They were followed later by Control Equipment (Marietta, Jacksonville, Orlando, Birmingham, Mobile, Memphis, Murfreesboro, Kingsport, Charlotte), TSI (Marietta), EPSCO (Deer Park, Freeport, Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Lake Charles, Baton Rouge) and JB Systems (LaGrange).

Our History at a Glance

May 20, 1953

Ralph Eads establishes The Eads Company on May 20, 1953


Sales of AirMaze (now Falls Filtration) and Commercial Filters (now part of Parker) products begin


Sales of Fabri-valve valves begin


Company expands sales to major petrochemical customers


Steve Albert joins Eads, migration begins from heavy capex/systems sales to MRO components


Spirax Sarco steam products made available to Eads Texas City Branch is established


Dallas sales office opened


Steve Muller & Associates (SMA) and ESCH & Associates acquired.

Freeport & Corpus Christi offices opened.

Sales of Tufline, Worcester, Penberthy begin, establshing Eads as a specialty valve supplier and also one of mechanical instrumentation


Beaumont sales office opened


IVA acquired in Beaumont; Nederland Branch is established combining Beaumont sales office and IVA


Employee ownership begins


Eads exits pump business (Steve Muller Associates/SMA Systems sold to key employees)

FE Bradley assets purchased in Dallas and Houston

SOR and Bailey Fischer & Porter added, establishing Eads as a supplier of electronic instrumentation


San Antonio sales office opened


Longview sales office established


Eads becomes 100% owned by group of employee partners


Sales of McCrometer flow measurement begins, first Industrially then later to Oil & Gas accounts replacing Cameron


Odessa sales office established


Eads bookings (including commission sales) exceed $80,000,000


Eads booked gross margin in one Branch (Houston) exceeds $1,000,000 in a single month

Capstreet investment


Jatasco & Control Equipment Co. acquisitions.


EPSCO & TSI Services acquisition.


JB Systems acquisition.


Texas City & Deer Park Locations combined into Deer Park facility, strengthening Eads Epsco’s ship channel presence.


Eads Distribution acquired by FCx Performance.


Applied Industrial Technologies (NYSE: AIT) announces intent to purchase FCx Performance.