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About Us (video)

We are in the business of delivering certainty.

Amid all the products we offer, there’s an inherent promise to provide our customers engineered solutions that work. We’ve built our reputation on it. And we’ve built strong relationships on it. Our customers come to us for everything from a better valve to a better experience. We are their Go-To.

The Eads Difference

You can come to us for the product you need and we will have it for you. But what really sets us apart is all that goes with that product. Our people just don’t sell you the product you want, we ensure you get the product you need. We can tell you how each part will fit into your budget, but more importantly, how it fits in your process. Over time, it’s not just the product – it’s also the people and expertise that come with it.

Engineered Intelligence

Our industry speaks about engineered solutions. We prefer to provide engineered intelligence. We’ve carefully crafted a team of widely experienced specialists who know what to do to help you solve your problem – because they’ve done it before. Our people pride themselves on knowing more about the industries they serve than the industries do themselves. And they are eager to apply that intelligence to deliver the absolute right solution.

Real Relationships

A huge part of our business is relationships. Built by intelligence. Built on trust. We perform every day, 24/7, because our customers need to perform every day. And, like our customers, our reputation is always on the line. We’re much more than just a catalog and a warehouse. We bring real value for you – and we demonstrate it with real relationships.

Our History

Decades of building the trust and experience you rely on daily.

Our Locations

Multiple warehouses. A single customer-driven focus.